Whonix is a Debian GNU/Linux based Linux distribution (operating system) which is focused on security, anonymity and privacy on the internet.
The supported virtualization engines are VirtualBoxQubes OS and Linux KVM. 

Default UserName:- user & Password:- changeme

Whonix is a desktop operating system which is designed for the high security and anonymity while surfing internet. If you want to be anonymous and feel safe on internet so you can download it and use it because security is a very big concern now a days.

How whonix works?

As we can see in figure there are red arrows which indicate that malicious application can not break the security and can’t move out from workstation environment, all traffic from the VM is forced through the it’s gateway. 

The Gateway VM is responsible for running Tor, and has two virtual network interfaces. One of these is connected to the outside Internet via NAT on the VM host, and is used to communicate with Tor relays. The other is connected to a virtual LAN that runs entirely inside the host

Why whonix?

  1. Whonix is a heavily reconfigured debian based operating system which consists of two virtual machine a Workstation & a TOR Gateway. 
  2. All communication are  forced through the Tor Network to accomplish this.
  3. Most commonly used applications are pre-install and safely pre-configured for immediate use.
  4. It is under active development and is the only operating system which is designed to be run inside a Virtual Machine and paired with Tor.
  5. The Web browser pre-installed in the Workstation VM is the modified version of Mozilla Firefox provided by the Tor Project as part of its Tor Browser package.
  6. This browser has been changed to reduce the amount of system-specific information leaked to Web servers.

Whonix is one of the most popular operating system which is used by the penetration tester and the hacker’s because it keeps you anonymous on the internet that is the main reason of using whonix operating system by the hackers.

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