Modern Computer Forensics

Have a look modernistic forensics(Modern Computer Forensics) with Cybrary India.

Modern computer forensics

It is difficult to pinpoint when computer forensics history began. Most experts agree that the field of computer forensics began to evolve more than 30 years ago. The field began in the United States, in large part, when law enforcement and military investigators started seeing criminals get technical.

The word Forensics is used by the computer expert who investigate the crime and evolved electronics devices to investigate. In other words The art of investigating a crime, conducted with or involving computers, is called computer forensics.

Computer Forensics History

  • In 1822 through about 1911 this is where we had our first study of fingerprints.
  • On 1887 through about the, 1954 time frame this is where we started looking at blood grouping.
  • In 1891 through about 1955 this is where we had the study of firearms pioneered by Goddard.
  • You had 1858 through about 1946 this is where documentation-style evidence was pioneered by Osborn.
  • You had 1847 through 1915 this is the criminal investigation process by Gross.
  • We had 1932 the invention of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
  • 1984 computer analyses and response teams sort of became mainstream.
  • 1993 we had the first international conference on cyber crime.
  • Until 1995 this is where we had the International Organization of Computer Evidence.
  • 1998, getting close to modern times, this is where we had the first science symposium. 
  • 2000, most of the FBI regional offices were deployed.
  • 2015 welcome to Naman Dixit and Cybrary INDIA.

                             Physics behind Cyber Forensics –  “Find The Truth”

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