Install tor in kali linux

How to install tor browser in kali linux 2018,2019

1. apt-get update

2. apt-get dist-upgrade

3. apt install tor torbrowser-launcher (hit enter)

Now tor is successfully installed in your Kali machine. you can search tor after pressing window key and type tor and also find in

Application’s>Usual application>Internet>tor browser launcher

NOTE- You can’t run tor as a root user i am giving you some instructions to run as a root user.

Create a new user and configure Tor to run as that user even though you’re logged in as root. To do so, run these commands from Terminal

adduser –home/home/tor tor (You can choose any name for new user i am choosing tor)

Now you want to add this user in x host list using this command

xhost si:localuser:tor

Now you can run tor browser using this command

sudo -u tor -H torbrowser-launcher

How to add in menu shortcut

apt-get install alacarte
Type alacarte and hit enter in terminal
Browse through your Applications menu under Usual Applications > Internet and find Tor Browser and click Properties
Edit command box and change it to sudo -u tor -H torbrowser-launcher %u

Note – you can install tor  in any debian distro using these command

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