Android Q features

Google’s developers team is busy building the new Android Q. The people over at XDA Developers have come across the earliest build of Google’s upcoming OS version tested on a Google Pixel 3 XL and shared some of its features.

Highlights of Android Q Features

  • A system-wide dark mode
  • More control over app permissions
  • Desktop mode tool
  • Multiple new developer options
  • New accessibility controls

System wide dark mode

One of the most well-known features found in the leaked Android Q build was a system wide dark mode option that was enabled by ‘Set Dark Mode’ toggle. One more option to automatically enable the feature based on the timing of a day was also spotted.

Android Q dark mode

More control over app permission

More privacy-focused tools. The revamped permissions controls spotted in the leaked build of Android Q indicate that users will be able to easily view the permissions granted to an app and also choose to restrict a few of them depending upon the usage status of an app. Moreover, the leaked build of Android Q is also seen to let users easily check which apps are using location data, a location icon which appears in the status bar

Some accessibility tweaks governing how long messages like heads-up notifications other actions appear for are also present, as well as a new “sensors off” Quick Settings tile which disables all radios, two new options for the screen lock setting, and options in the built-in files app to filter items by type. is not committing this information is accurate 100% , but all information collected by authentic source Like – XDA Devleoper, and

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